Advanced fire detection technology removes need for ladders to test fire detectors


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Ladder falls have been responsible for a considerable number of both serious and fatal injuries.

In Australia, 1,675 serious claims were made in 2013-14 alone. In addition to a number of working days lost due to ladder-related incidents, these injuries can also be costly for employers. In the 2012-13 financial year alone, cost of ladder-related injuries was $57.68 million Australia-wide.

Ladders are often thought of as the primary choice when working at heights but they should now only be used when safer alternatives are absent.

Tyco, one of the leading manufacturers of fire protection products acknowledges the risks associated with ladder use in testing fire detectors and will soon launch its Vigilant Generation 6 Fire Detectors in Australia and New Zealand.

The Gen 6 model utilises infrared technology with remote programming capabilities, which eliminates the need for ladders to commission and maintain detectors.

The Gen 6 Fire Detectors are designed for quick and easy commissioning and troubleshooting. This will allow users to save time and money and ultimately, to reduce workplace safety risks.

“With safety and reliability integral to their design, the detectors in the Generation 6 fire detection range are all equipped with a continuous receptive self-monitoring system, a short circuit line isolator and multifunction LED indicators that are intended to let the user know if one of the detectors is out of commission,” Tyco said in an announcement.

“Advanced two-way infrared technology enables the detectors to be efficiently configured and tested using an easy-to-use portable hand-held device called the wireless 850 Engineering Management Tool (EMT), eliminating the need for employees to climb ladders to achieve this. Both commissioning and post-installation servicing and testing is now as easy a Point, Program and Go.

“Time savings are also realised in the installation phase due to the system’s unique Time Saver Mount that enables commissioning of detectors before a ceiling is even complete.”

The Generation 6 has a forward and backward capability, helping users to save on expensive upgrades, ensuring product longevity, and eliminating additional costs.

“Every Generation 6 unit delivers a longer and more reliable service life, which means detectors with a previous ten-year service can remain fully operational for 22.5 years.

“Every Generation 6 unit is fitted with an advanced optical chamber that seeks to deliver the longest service life possible whilst maintaining the correct level of sensitivity and raising the alarm threshold as the device ages.”

Tyco will launch the Vigilant Generation 6 Fire Detectors this October at the 2015 Fire NZ Conference and Exhibition in Wellington, New Zealand.

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