ACT: Bridge Reopening Delayed

Complications with the demolition of the bridge in Canberra has led to delays in the reopening of Barton Highway.

A span of the Gungahlin Drive bridge crashed on August 14 during a concrete pour, where nine construction workers were hurt.

An engineering report was released stating the formwork was not properly braced to stop girders from moving sideways during the concrete pour.

The original plan by Roads ACT was to open the highway this weekend.

However, spokesman Tony Gill said the date of reopening has been pushed back.

“They’ve encountered some difficulties in demolishing the concrete bridge that was poured and didn’t collapse,” said Mr Gill.

“They’ve had to change tack and it will delay the demolition process by about five days.”

According to Mr Gill, Barton Highway will hopefully be reopened on September 11.

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