Partnership between safety inspectors and apprentices to improve electrical safety


A proactive partnership between inspectors from Access Canberra and electrical apprentices aims to upskill and enhance safety.

Minister for Regulatory Services Gordon Ramsay said the program, which was created by the inspectors themselves seven years ago, supported the next generation of electricians working in our city and ensured they started their work with a sound electrical safety understanding.

“The program also provides apprentices exposure to different types of electrical work which they may not have encountered through their training to date, such as new housing projects, photovoltaic arrays, apartment blocks and industrial applications,” said Minister Ramsay.

“The apprentices also learn the key skills of inspecting and testing and electrical installation to Australian Standards, and the key electrical safety issues they should be aware of which hold them in good stead on the job.”

More than 400 apprentices have been part of the program.

“As well as electrical safety being increased it is also pleasing to hear that the program often leads to career-long mentorships between the electrical professionals,” said Minister Ramsay.

“Access Canberra operates through an engage, educate and enforce model of regulation and compliance. This program is just one of the great examples of regulators working not only to enforce regulation but also engage with and educate to support the best and safest outcomes for our community.”

A similar program is also being implemented with the plumbing inspectors and plumbing apprentices.

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