Participants for an asbestos removalists health study needed


Researchers in Western Australia and Victoria are currently recruiting people who have worked or are currently working in asbestos removal to be part of an asbestos removalist register.

This register will be used to track the health of removalists for a study to ensure the safety of workers is continually being assessed.

Asbestos removalists are potentially at high-risk of asbestos exposure, but very little is known about the health of these workers.

The initiative is funded and being supported by the Cancer Council of Western Australia.

Details of the project can be obtained by calling Nita Sodhi Berry (08) 6488 1312 (Mondays to Wednesdays), Dr. Peter Franklin (08) 6488 7091 (Mondays to Tuesdays) or Ms. Deborah Olow (08) 6488 1286 (Wednesdays to Fridays).

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