NT WorkSafe accepts enforceable undertaking from construction company


NT WorkSafe has accepted an enforceable undertaking from a Queensland-based construction company over the 2016 death of a man when his motorbike crashed into the traffic diversion setup as part of the company’s duplication in the early hours of 30 April 2016.

Under the terms of the sanction, the company will fund $305,000 on activities that aim to deliver health and safety benefits to its workers, the NT construction industry and the wider community.

NT WorkSafe Acting Executive Director Mel Garde said it was proper to accept the enforceable undertaking as the traffic diversion setup was not the sole contributing factor to the incident. Several activities contained in the sanction will upskill the construction industry on traffic management, creating a safer environment for workers and the wider community.

“Traffic management is an important factor in maintaining a safe workplace,” she said.

“There is an obligation to not only protect workers from the hazards of oncoming traffic but also to protect road users from potential hazards created by the worksite.”

“The driving skill and experience of road users will vary widely so it is critical that traffic management plans and traffic diversions are compliant with Australian Standards so that all road users can safely navigate them,” she said.

The proposed activities include engaging subject matter experts to develop and deliver safety training and awareness packages for silicosis in the construction industry, mental health and exercising due diligence; developing a presentation and ensure availability of the silicosis safety training and awareness package to the NT construction industry; creating an e-learning training package on traffic management for the NT construction industry; and fund $20,000 to upskill construction workers to undertake the Work Zone  Traffic Controller (WZ2) qualification.

A complete list of the enforceable undertaking is available on the NT WorkSafe website.

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