New building product safety laws in Queensland


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The Queensland Government has recently passed new chain of responsibility laws for dangerous building products.

The Building and Construction Legislation (Non-Conforming Building Products-Chain of Responsibility) Amendment Bill 2017 will ensure that building products used in Queensland are safe for use.

“Yet again Queensland is leading the way on the issue of nonconforming building products,” said Minister for Housing and Public Works, Mick de Brenni.

“Today we have delivered the most comprehensive building product laws in Australia.

“These tough new laws put the responsibility for safety on everyone in Queensland’s building supply chain, rather than just the tradie at the end of the line.

“Whether you are a manufacturer, importer, supplier or installer, if your behaviour lets a dangerous product onto a Queensland building site you will be responsible and will be accountable.”

Minister de Brenni said these new laws will prevent importers from dumping dodgy products including flammable aluminium composite cladding onto Queensland building sites.

“The proliferation of cheap, imported, substandard products entering our country is a risk to the health and safety of all Queenslanders gathering for events at public places, when they go to work in a modern office tower, when they visit major shopping centres and even when they return home at the end of the day,” he said.

The changes will expand the powers of the Queensland Building and Construction Commission and will assist the government’s Audit Taskforce in their work responding to potentially dangerous cladding in Queensland.

“Previously, the QBCC could inspect only active building sites,” Mr. de Brenni said.

“These new measures allow inspectors to enter existing buildings, take samples for testing and direct rectifications, and the State Government will be able to recall products that are non-conforming, and issue warnings about them.

“These laws should give Queenslanders confidence that there is a tough cop on the beat ensuring the spaces where they live, work and play are the safest in the country.”

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