Lack of basic first aid training could jeopardize workers’ safety, says Red Cross

first aid

Workplace incidents could happen anytime. Its impact to the business, workers, and community can be devastating so preparing for the unexpected is always ideal.

According to the Australian Red Cross, only 13 percent of Australian workplaces are compliant with the First Aid national code of practice, while over 65 percent of Australian employers are unaware of their First Aid obligations.

It is also reported that only 50 percent of Australian workplaces have First Aid training for their staff. With less than 5 percent of people receiving first aid training, the country is far behind other developed nations in our ability to respond effectively in an emergency. This contributes to the cost of workplace injuries in businesses. Safe Work Australia reports that work-related injury and illness were estimated to cost $60.6 billion in the 2008-09 financial year, representing 4.8% of GDP.

Some of the first aid emergencies that could happen in a workplace include burns, falls, musculoskeletal injuries and shock.

“While accidents can’t always be prevented, ensuring you have staff on hand that have fundamental First Aid training and knowledge ensures the workplace is prepared and that you get the best outcome for those injured,” said Red Cross trainer, Janie McCullagh.

In the lead up to World First Aid Day on the 9th of September, Red Cross is encouraging business owners and managers to make safety a priority and book First Aid Training for the workplace.

Red Cross also offers 10 percent off all workplace First Aid training booked. More information about the Australian red Cross First Aid course can be accessed by calling Red Cross on 1300 367 428 or by visiting

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