Campaign aiming to protect road workers launched


The latest advertisement in the ‘Your Speed is Our Safety- Slow Down for Road Workers’ series has been launched in Tasmania.

The campaign aims to raise motorists’ awareness of safety risks for workers at road works in Tasmania, and to improve driver behaviour – in particular, to improve compliance with posted speed limits.

The campaign includes television and radio advertising, and a range of signage and printed material to reinforce that road worker safety is everyone’s responsibility.

The first advertisement in the Your Speed is Our Safety series aired in 2016.

Two road workers have been killed on Tasmania’s roads in the last seven years. And since 2005, seven road workers have been injured as a result of crashes at road work sites.

The campaign is a partnership between the Tasmanian Government, Civil Contractors Federation, and the Road Safety Advisory Council, with the assistance of the Traffic Management Association of Australia.

One thought on “Campaign aiming to protect road workers launched

  1. It would be great if people everywhere slowed down within Road Works, in my job I see too many people just speed through designated road works. Every K over has the potential to injury or kill, so slow down please!

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