ACT: Canberra Bridge Demolition Underway

The demolition of Canberra’s bridge on Barton Highway is on schedule and could be open to traffic at the end of the week.

Roads ACT said workers are removing the rubble caused by the bridge collapse around the clock.

The bridge crashed on August 14 during a concrete pour, where nine construction worker were injured.

An engineering report was released saying the formwork was not braced properly to prevent girders from moving sideways while concrete was being poured.

According to Roads ACT spokesman Tony Gill, demolition work was performed over the weekend.

“The estimate is that we will take between five and seven days depending on the progress and depending on some of the difficulties they encounter when they are trying to protect the existing structure because some of the structure can be salvaged,” he said.

“The concrete pier in the median and the bridge abutment on either side, they can be salvaged. So they just have to be careful how they do the demolition in that area.”

However, Mr Gill has cautioned that demolition has to be done carefully since WorkSafe ACT is still collecting evidence from the construction site.

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