Zero Harm at Work Leadership Transport Safety Showcase

zeroharmAn industry conference highlighting initiatives that are improving safety in the transport industry will be held at the Port of Brisbane on Tuesday 6 August.

The Zero Harm at Work Leadership Program Transport Safety Showcase will feature outstanding initiatives which have been identified and discussed at recent transport safety networks. These networks are facilitated by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland, but driven by transport industry members.

During this event, companies will have the opportunity to share their safety management systems and ideas by exhibiting at a trade display, having a demonstration vehicle or plant on site, or having them featured in 10 minute Q&A sessions.

The Transport Safety Showcase aims to change work practices among transport operators, employees and drivers through practical demonstrations of the low cost/high impact initiatives on display.

Interested participants are invited to register for the conference by sending their contact details to or calling the Zero Harm at Work Leadership Program on (07) 3008 5857.

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