WorkSafe WA Discovers Another Falsified High Risk Work Licence


Another falsified High-Risk Work Licence has been discovered in Geraldton, according to WorkSafe WA.

WorkSafe WA Commissioner Lex McCulloch said the licence had been altered to include a class of high-risk work for which the owner had not been trained.

“In this latest instance, a licence was presented to an engineering company in Geraldton,” Mr McCulloch said.

“They became suspicious after not being able to confirm that WorkSafe had issued a licence for all the classes listed, and sent a copy to WorkSafe requesting a check.

“Upon further investigation, it was found that the licence number was registered to the man who presented the licence, but he did not legitimately hold a licence for all the classes of high-risk work listed.

“The man actually held a licence for dogging, vehicle loading crane and forklift, but had added the code for basic rigging, a class in which he had not been trained.

“The added class on the licence was printed in a different type and size font from the original, so it looked suspicious straight away.

“High-Risk Work Licences are only issued to workers who have been appropriately trained and have the skills to perform high-risk work safely and competently.

“They apply to anyone engaged in work considered to be “high risk”, including scaffolding, dogging and rigging work and the operation of cranes, hoists, pressure equipment and forklifts.

“I urge potential employers or anyone in control of a workplace to satisfy themselves that anyone they are thinking of employing for high-risk work has the experience they claim to have.

“Always sight the original High-Risk Work Licence card – don’t be satisfied with an emailed or texted scan or photo of the licence.

“Anyone who has concerns about a High-Risk Work Licence can verify the details using the WorkSafe licence and registration search.

“If the person or all the classes claimed cannot be found on the licence and registration database, please contact WorkSafe so the issue can be followed up.

“Finally, it’s important to note that the cases of fraud in relation to High-Risk Work Licences we have discovered have been referred to WA Police.”

Further information can be obtained by telephoning WorkSafe on 1300 307877 or on the website at


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