WorkSafe issues warning for children on farms during school holidays


Photo: rmt, Pixabay

Farmers and parents are urged to keep children out of hazardous workplaces, particularly on farms during the school holidays.

WorkSafe WA Commissioner Lex McCulloch said workplaces are not ideal places for children, especially potentially hazardous ones like farms.

“What needs to be kept in mind is that a farm is a workplace that frequently contains plant and machinery that can be hazardous to young people,” said Mr. McCulloch.

“Farmers and farm owners should keep in mind that they have a duty under WA’s workplace safety laws to ensure that visitors to the farm – children in particular – are not exposed to hazards as a result of the work being done there.

“Children and young people often do not have the maturity or experience to understand hazards and their potential consequences, and this can have serious – or even fatal – results.

“Young people often end up in workplaces during holidays, whether that be with their parents, on work experience or for a treat of some kind like a farm holiday.

“I’m not suggesting that parents are careless – they may simply not recognise the hazards that specifically apply to children and young people in workplaces.”

A Code of Practice on the safety and health of children and young people in workplaces can be accessed through or by contacting WorkSafe on 1300 307877

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