WorkCover Queensland partners with Monash University to identify high risk claim insights


WorkCover Queensland has partnered with researchers at Monash University to work on an evidence-based approach to identifying and supporting injured workers who are at risk of poor return to work outcomes and/or pursuing common law against their employer.

This new project will examine the barriers and enablers of return to work, the factors influencing an injured worker’s reasons for suing their employer and innovative claim management strategies to mitigate these risks.

The nine-month project will involve WorkCover’s people and external stakeholders and experienced group of work and health researchers headed by Professor Alex Collie, an internationally recognised researcher in occupational health and workplace rehabilitation and senior researcher, Dr. Ross Iles.

“Workplace injury has huge impact on workers, families and the health system,” said Professor Alex Collie. “Our group brings capability in occupational and public health to this collaborative project, and we look forward to creating and testing practical solutions that we expect to reduce this community burden.”

WorkCover Chief Executive Officer, Bruce Watson said the partnership will enhance WorkCover’s capabilities and provide important claim intervention insights.

“There are many hidden factors which can influence an injured worker’s prolonged time off work and ultimately their decision to pursue a common law claim against their employer,” said Mr. Watson.

“WorkCover is committed to understanding these factors and supporting workers and employers early in the ‘no fault’ statutory claim process to ensure an improved experience with better long-term outcomes for our customers.

“By making a positive difference early, we can deliver excellent return to work outcomes for workers at the lowest cost to Queensland employers.

“Monash’s proven track record in research and innovation in insurance, injury management and rehabilitation will further enhance WorkCover’s in-house capabilities and provide valuable claim intervention insights.

“Learnings from this research project will be shared with WorkCover’s customers, stakeholders, and other workers’ compensation schemes to continually improve how workers and employers are supported after their injury.”

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