WA: New Electricty Laws Introduced

In an attempt to reduce deaths from Electrocution, the Western Australian Government will implement new residual current device (RCDs) regulations next month.

In recent years, 23 people including six children have been electrocuted in homes throughout the state. All of these deaths could have been prevented if RCDs had been fitted to the power points and lighting circuits.

The new legislation means every home sold or leased must be fitted with a minimum of two RCDs to protect all power points and lighting circuits.

Where a new tenant takes up residency, landlords will need to install the devices before the lease agreement is signed. However, for homes with a continuing tenancy, landlords have until 8 August 2011 to fit the RCDs.

The regulations can be found Here.

Fact Sheets are available to assist homeowners, persons selling their homes, landlords, tenants, real estate agents, property managers and electrical contractors on how to ensure homes comply with the new RCD laws.

Report by OHS News Reporter Julia Alder – Do you have an OHS News Story – Let us know

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