WA firies receive further protection in high-risk situations


Western Australian firefighters will be provided with lifesaving fire crew protection through the government’s commitment to providing more than $8.7 million funding to the rollout of the crew-cab protection program.

The additional funding will extend the program’s reach beyond the initial four-year funding commitment.

Over 660 vehicles belonging to fire brigades in the State’s highest bushfire risk areas have been fitted with equipment to protect them in the event they are trapped by fire. The safety measures include external water deluge systems, in-cab air breathing systems and safeguards for vital equipment such as vehicle wiring, water, and fuel lines. Burnover blankets and more than 980 radiant heat shields have also been installed in fire appliances and support vehicles across WA.

The vehicles have also been equipped with Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) systems providing real-time tracking and a distress alarm.

“I am proud that this government has overseen the completion of the initial rollout of the crew-can protection program and that we have expanded this program to deliver for our emergency services,” said Acting Emergency Services Minister Bill Johnston.

“These measures help to protect our firefighters when they’re out on the fireground helping to protect their local communities.

“The safety of our firefighters is of paramount concern, and while I hope no firefighter ever needs to use any of this equipment, it’s in place for their protection.

“The risks firefighters face out in the field are real and potentially deadly, and by mitigating some of these dangers, we have created a safer working environment for them leading into the next bushfire season.”

The crew-cab protection program was started following the tragic death of a firefighter at Black Cat Creek in a burnover.

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