Truck Smashes Through Bridge Railing, Driver Unhurt


Photo by: SafetyCulture Library

A truck almost plunged into a river in Bunbury after it crashed through a railing and slid off the side of an embankment on Estuary Drive on Wednesday morning.

According to reports, the truck smashed the railing and then stopped short of diving into the Preston River below it. The driver of the truck managed to escape the incident unhurt.

Fire crews arrived at the scene and then immediately sawed off a portion of the railing to help the heavy tow truck pull the lodged off truck back on the road. The effort however was futile. The tow truck then tried to lift the front of the truck in order to dislodge it but rescue crews are anxious that this might burst the fuel tank and spill it on the river below.

A decanter truck was called to remove the second fuel tank of the crashed truck to avoid rupturing the fuel tank during the removal operation. Another tow truck was also called in order to lift and pull the truck back simultaneously.

The Bunbury Fire and Rescue spokesman said that they are concerned about the diesel fuel that had leaked from one of the two fuel tanks and was said to have spilled into the ground and probably into the river before they arrived.

The Department of Environment Regulation however reported that no diesel fuel was discharged into the river. The DER said that about 200 litres of diesel was discharged onto the soil from the damaged fuel tank. The contaminated soil was then removed.

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