Safety alert on articulated truck rollovers released


Photo: archicampus, Pixabay

WorkSafe New Zealand released a safety alert highlighting the serious health and safety risks for operating articulated machinery in open cast mines, alluvial mines, and quarries.

The safety alert was released after the agency’s High Hazards Unit was notified of rollover incidents involving the use of trucks in open cast mines, alluvial mines, and quarries. The incidents resulted in workers being injured and in one case, a death of a person.

“Use of heavy machinery in mines and quarries is a critical risk that the sector needs to address through effective controls and effectiveness monitoring,” said WorkSafe in its alert.

“Critical risks controls must be understood by all personnel and applied without exception to ensure everybody’s safety.”

WorkSafe recommends controls to prevent rollovers, including maintaining truck suspension systems and checking to ensure they are in good order appropriate for the environment; ensuring tipping areas are level, without cross grade; ensuring tyres are in good condition and correct pressures and undertaking regular static and dynamic brake testing programmes to ensure optimal braking efficiency.

“It is essential to have and to implement a vehicle maintenance plan, roadway design, tip design as well as a traffic management plan. These plans should address relevant controls to prevent rollovers.”

More information is available on WorkSafe New Zealand.

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