Review on the impact of WHS Act in SA to be completed in November


A review of the operation of South Australia’s Work Health and Safety Act 2012 (WHS Act), which commenced on 1 July is expected to be completed by November 2014.

The review which is being conducted by Mr Robin Stewart-Crompton will examine the impact of the WHS Act in the South Australian context to ensure that the nationally harmonised law will continue to be effective in the state. The review will check the operation of provisions that were amended or inserted in the Parliamentary process, including provisions that were amended to clarify specific situations; requirements relating to the approval of national Codes of Practice; and local consultation arrangements.

The review will also include a report on the extent to which inspectors have attended at workplaces under the right of entry provisions (section 117) and an assessment of the operation and effectiveness of the policy established by the Executive Director under that section.

The reviewer, Mr Robert Stewart-Crompton serves as director of RSC Advising Pty Ltd, which was chosen to conduct a review following a public tender process. He has undertaken review on the operation of a range of Commonwealth and State safety laws. He also chaired the National Review into Model OHS Laws.

The WHS Act is based on a model Work Health and Safety Act developed at a national level by Safe Work Australia in consultation with the Commonwealth and all other States and Territories. South Australia joined other jurisdictions (except Victoria and Western Australia) in having nationally consistent WHS laws.

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