Personal Injury Management Conference 2012 to feature workers compensation expert

The Personal Injury Education Foundation (PIEF) will be hosting the Personal Injury Management Conference in August 2012, with focus on Driving Outcomes That Work. The conference will highlight programs and initiatives that have excelled in the personal injury industry.

Former Director of Corporate Planning and Development for WorkSafe BC (the Workers’ Compensation Board of British Columbia), Terry Bogyo, will grace the event as a keynote speaker. Mr Bogyo’s career has spanned more than 25 years, where he has had key roles in claims and rehabilitation strategic planning.

During the conference, Mr Bogyo will talk about return to work outcomes and their difference in North America and Australia.

“I want to explore some of the ways US and Canadian jurisdictions use incentives and disincentives to support RTW on difficult cases,” said Mr Bogyo.

With studies highlighting the importance of return to work has on rehabilitation, Mr Bogyo aims to dispel misconceptions on workers returning to work after an injury.

“The medical evidence is clear: work is good and timely RTW not only reduces costs for employers, it improves outcomes for workers,” Mr Bogyo said.

“The vast majority of workers return to work well before full recovery.”

Mr Bogyo will also discuss what professionals in the personal injury industry can do to attain positive outcomes, as well as his views on how workers’ compensation schemes can function more effectively.

“Excellent outcomes are only achievable if you believe they are. I want to stress the importance to those working in this field that they take a positive, proactive approach.”

“For a workers’ compensation scheme to function effectively, it must be willing to go beyond its own distinctive excellence and learn from others.”

Aside from his vast knowledge on the operation of workers’ compensation schemes in North America, Mr Bogyo has also studied schemes around the world, including Australia and Queensland.

“Of all the countries I’ve studied, Australia has made the greatest strides in its focus on return to work.”

He also said that other schemes can learn from the challenges and achievements of the Queensland return to work system.

Mr Bogyo said the conference will allow participants to share in a common focus that is difficult to duplicate in other areas, such as online environment.

“This conference has the potential to change the way you think, the decisions and policies you will make, and the way you see the world,” said Mr Bogyo.

“And what could be more important to you and those you serve than that.”

WorkCover Queensland General Manager, Customer Services and PIEF Board member, Sharon Stratford, says the conference will provide great opportunity for professionals in the personal injury industry to learn about enhanced strategies in improving return to work outcomes which will benefit injured workers, employers, insurers and providers.

“This year’s conference will span over three days and feature keynote speakers who are leading experts in accident compensation schemes. Guests will also have a chance to attend workshops and network with peers on the latest developments as well as the advancement of new ideas in the industry,” said Ms Stratford.

The conference will also feature other national and international guests who are specialists in the field.


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