NSW records highest number of on-farm deaths


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A report released by the Australian Centre for Agricultural Health and Safety shows the state of NSW has recorded the highest number of on-farm deaths for the first six months of 2017, with 17 fatalities. The ACAHS has recorded 32 farm related fatalities across Australia.

“Figures show more than 50% (seventeen) of the fatal incidents occurred on a farm in New South Wales, two of which involved children. New South Wales also recorded the second highest number of non-fatal incidents” said Centre Director Dr Tony Lower.

“Disturbingly more than double the amount of non-fatal incidents were reported than last year’s period. We know that there are highly effective ways to control risks and prevent needless deaths and injuries.”

“Farm owners/managers need to visibly demonstrate good work health and safety practices which will set a precedence and influence their employees to follow suit.”

“Consistent with previous years, quads remain the leading cause of fatal injury accounting for 9 cases (28%), with two of these involving children. Quads have also dominated the non-fatal injuries reported, many of which have lifelong consequences.”

“Rebates to assist farmers to improve quad safety are currently available in Victoria and New South Wales. The programs assist farmers to move to other safer and more fit-for purpose vehicles such as side by sides and if that’s not possible, to fit crush protection devices. Safety is also supported by the use of helmets on quads. Overtime the financial assistance and range of strategies advocated, will undoubtedly reduce the number of fatal quad-related deaths” stated Lower.

“Prevention is the key in reducing the statistics, action is vital now! In this way we will not only save lives and serious injuries, as an industry we will be more productive.”

A copy of the report is available on Australian Centre for Agricultural Health and Safety website.

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