NSW: Asbestos Warehouse Goes Up In Flames

Source: News.com.au

A warehouse has collapsed in an Intense Fire that consumed the 900 square metre building in Sydney’s west early last week.

The fire, which sent flames 50m into the sky, was still smouldering more than six hours after it was reported because it is too dangerous for firefighters to enter the unstable remains.

Hazardous material experts are at the industrial area on Anvil St, Seven Hills, to monitor Asbestos Levels in the structure.

The roof of the warehouse collapsed when fire erupted through it about 2.30am, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Three walls have fallen in and a demolition team has been called to remove the last standing wall.

Fire experts believe the blaze was burning for hours before pressure blew the roof of the warehouse off and sent thick, black plumes of smoke into the sky.

Witness Alex Veljanovski, a worker at a nearby recycling plant, was the first to report the blaze.

“I made the call to triple zero and told them there was a bloody big fire out here,” he said.

“The flames were going 50m into the sky, it was huge – and fast. I’ve seen bushfires before but I’ve never seen anything go up that quickly.

“It was loud. That is what got my attention, the sound of fire crackling.”

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