Newly developed helmets could potentially reduce quad bike injuries and deaths

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A new kind of helmet designed for farm workers could potentially reduce quad bike deaths and injuries, an expert says.

The helmets, developed in New Zealand and designed based on firefighting equipment weighs over a kilogram and include air vents and better sun protection than other quad bike helmets.

Farmsafe Queensland executive director Jamie Cupples said he hopes the local authorities would approve the helmets for use in public places. The helmets meet New Zealand standards.

“They’ve been widely used over there on quad bikes, I believe there’s some five or six thousand of them out and about in the community over there now,” he told ABC.

“It’s something that we’re trying to get Transport to look at to see if they’ll endorse that for quad bike use here in Queensland.”

Safe Work Australia recently released a data showing that the number of quad bike deaths for this year is nearing the total for 2016 (read SafetyCulture report).

2 thoughts on “Newly developed helmets could potentially reduce quad bike injuries and deaths

  1. One can only hope that something is done to aid in the safety of Quad Bike users around the Country. The biggest issue is getting farmers and workers to wear them. It is rare to see a farmer wearing a helmet while riding a Quad or normal Bike at the best of times. There needs to be a serious shift in the way people view safety in general. Should there be design changes to the vehicles that are being used? Is a helmet going to protect in a crush injury situation with the vehicle landing on the rider? Depending on the situation the head may not be the contact point. Do you need to include a roll cage for them also? How can you police this? Unless the farmer wants to include these provisions on the bikes, it is going to be impossible to police. As I said, there needs to be a serious shift in people’s concept of safety.

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