March 2017 notifiable fatalities monthly report released


The notifiable fatalities monthly report for March 2017 has been released by Safe Work Australia. The report provides a national summary of work-related traumatic fatalities that were notifiable to Australian work health and safety jurisdictions.

Details of the types of incident involved; the industry of the workplace at which the fatalities occurred; and the industry of the decedent’s employer are also contained in the report.

The recent report shows 22 work-related notifiable fatalities occurred during March 2017— 15 male workers, five male bystanders, one female bystander and one female worker.

Of the 22 fatalities, nine fatalities involved a vehicle incident on a public road, three each resulted from being hit by falling object, fall from a height and hit by a moving object—not on a public road.

Two fatalities each resulted from being hit by a moving object other than a vehicle and vehicle incident—other.

Transport, postal and warehousing workplaces recorded nine fatalities, Agriculture, forestry and fishing workplaces three fatalities and Construction workplaces three fatalities. Retail trade, Mining, Arts and Recreation and Electricity, gas, water and waste workplaces had each one fatality.

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