Managing workplace stress through meditation and mindfulness


Photo: Concord90, Pixabay

Mindfulness is an effective tool in managing workplace stress. This is according to a not-for-profit organisation who aims to promote mindfulness meditation for everyone.

With over 7,200 Australian workers compensated for work-related mental health conditions every year, everyone should make mental health a priority.

“We know that many people turn up to work not feeling their best and that impacts a range of things including satisfaction in their work life and the ability to do their job,” Smiling Mind CEO Addie Wootten told ABC.

“There’s a real financial burden placed on workplaces in Australia and around the world.

“There is an estimated $11 billion cost per year related to mental health problems in the workplace and that’s related to time off.”

Dr. Wootten said meditation and mindfulness will help beat work-related stress.

“Mindfulness is a tool to boost performance and tap into what motivates you as well as help you pay attention and focus,” she said.

“More and more people in the workplace are looking for that sense of flow and focus to get more done.

“Think about what time of day you can fit in a small meditation in your day or mindfulness practice.”

The ABC together with Smiling Mind and former Sydney Swans captain Brett Kirk to develop some guided meditations to help deal with stress. More information about this and more can be obtained through a new podcast, Mindfully.

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