Make your farm free from harm, urges Safe Work Australia


Farmers and farm workers are reminded to make safety a priority as Farm Safety Week is celebrated.

Farm Safety Week is a nationwide initiative held between 16 and 22 July 2018 to promote awareness of farm safety and highlight practical steps farmers can take improve health and safety on farms.

According to Safe Work Australia CEO Michelle Baxter, the most recent data available shows that the agriculture industry accounted for 21 percent of worker fatalities and 3 percent of serious claims for workers’ compensation.

“Farms are one of the most rewarding workplaces, but also one of the most dangerous,” she said.

“They can present a combination of hazards, including exposure to noise, quad bikes, plant and machinery, working with animals, chemicals, dust, sun exposure, working alone or working remotely.”

Ms. Baxter encourages everyone to ensure farms are free from any form of harm.

“Getting rid of old equipment is a good step, and always choose the safest equipment for your farm’s needs and keep it well maintained,” she said.

“Use the safest chemicals and follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and make sure your workers have the skills to work safely, particularly when handling animals and using farm equipment.”

“To help you make yours a no-harm farm, get in touch with a WHS regulator in your state or territory – they can provide advice and guidance specific to your property,” said Ms. Baxter.

Throughout this week, Safe Work Australia will showcase videos, codes, guides and case studies to help you make yours a no-harm farm.

More information is available on Safe Work Australia’s website.

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