Feedback Sought For Stevedoring Code of Practice

Safe Work Australia is in the process of developing a code of practice for Stevedoring on Australia’s wharves and they are asking for public feedback regarding hatchmen and other issues that are considered important safety considerations for the code. The deadline for comments is the 3rd of August 2012.

The MUA (Maritime Union of Australia) has been advocating for a review of the current safety standards that should not only be maintained but also improved for the safety of the workers.

Concerns have been raised, by the MUA and workers, that with the changes being considered the hatchman role will be removed from the new code. This role helps crane drivers by acting as spotters for operators moving large loads.

The intention of the code of practice is to bring consistency and dispel confusion in an industry that has been operating without a standard code of risk handling across the different sites.

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