Victorian worker fatally injured after falling from roof

WorkSafe Victoria is investigating the death of a worker on Wednesday, who fell from the roof of a factory being renovated at Oakleigh South.

The victim was found by his workmates around 9am yesterday.

Initial investigations conducted by WorkSafe indicated that the worker may have fallen up to 5m on to the floor of the building. This incident was the State’s seventh work-related death this year and the 24th since this time last year.

WorkSafe’s General Manager for Operations, Lisa Sturzenegger, said that working at height was a major source of serious workplace injuries and fatalities.

“This is a tragedy for the man, his family and workmates. It should send a message to the entire community – employers and workers alike – that high safety standards must be in place, and applied, at all times.

“The right equipment and training, as well as supervision, risk assessment and equipment maintenance are fundamental parts of having a safe workplace.

“As we’ve said in a new safety campaign launched this week, the overwhelming majority of incidents can be prevented.

“It takes a little time and thought to put safe practices in place, but an ongoing effort is needed to ensure they’re consistently maintained.

“The human effects are obvious, but it also costs the community an enormous amount in compensation, treatment and rehabilitation which is ultimately reflected in the costs of goods and services.

More information on preventing workplace injuries can be accessed through the WorkSafe Victoria website.

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