VIC: Man in Coma After Three-Metre Fall

WorkSafe is reminding everyone working at height not to resort to shortcuts when it comes to safety.

The call comes after a workplace incident on Thursday at a building site in NorthCote, Melbourne where a construction worker fell a few metres to the ground.

The 59-year-old man is currently on life support in an induced coma because of the three-metre fall.

WorkSafe inspectors who visited the building site believe the worker was balanced on a loosely secured plank of wood when he fell.

The June 3 incident is the second significant fall in the state this week – on Tuesday, a man pruning a tree at a camping site a Bridge Creek suffered was seriously hurt after falling 15 metres.

“Construction is one of the fastest growing industries in Victoria – and falls from height are one of our biggest workplace killers,” WorkSafe Victoria’s Construction and Utilities Director Chris Webb said.

“Cutting corners on health and safety is a particular concern in the domestic construction industry, where you’ve got smaller operators under pressure to meet tight deadlines.

“If you’re taking shortcuts by using make-shift work platforms and not using fall protection, you’re endangering your life.

“Even if the work is only going to take five minutes, you have to have some means of protecting yourself. Given the availability of cheap, fit-for-purpose, work platforms, there’s no excuse for cutting corners and using make-shift alternatives.

“People think they’re going to save themselves time by just getting in there and finishing the job. It goes without saying that getting the job done isn’t as important as protecting yourself and your workers from serious injury or death,” Mr Webb said.

Six fatalities have been reported across the state due to falls from height since 2009.

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