Truck driver found guilty of workers’ compensation fraud


A man has been found guilty of worker’s compensation fraud and was ordered to repay $53,089 to the NSW workers compensation scheme.

The State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) conducted an investigation and found that the man failed to inform insurers that he had commenced full-time work as a truck driver while still claiming compensation for injuries he had from a previous role.

The 57-year-old truck driver was found guilty of two counts of fraud and sentenced to 12 months’ imprisonment, which he appealed.

On appeal, the District Court instead imposed a 12-month Intensive Corrections Order (ICO), which requires the worker to show good behavior and not commit an offence, do monthly community service, report regularly to the Parole Authority and not leave New South Wales or the country without permission.

“The workers’ compensation system helps injured workers at times of great need,” said Deputy Secretary Regulation, Department of Finance, Services and Innovation, and Chief Executive of SIRA, Anthony Lean said.

“Employers pay premiums to ensure workers injured during the course of employment receive the right level of care and income support while they are unable to work.

“It’s essential that business and claimants act honestly so that the Scheme remains affordable, and injured workers receive appropriate care.

“This worker has knowingly and willingly cheated the system and SIRA will always take the steps to protect the system from abuse by dishonest claimants.”

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