New work health and safety legislation introduced in the ACT


The ACT Government has introduced new work health and safety legislation in the Legislative Assembly on Thursday that will require more worker training and consultation on major construction sites.

The Work Health and Safety Amendment Bill 2018 will cover major construction projects with a contract price over $5 million will require employers to establish work groups in consultation with eligible unions; facilitate the election of Health and Safety Representatives; establish a Health and Safety Committee; and ensure Health and Safety Committee members received appropriate training.

“The ACT Government knows that a workplace where workers are supported by union representatives is a safer workplace and will continue to support initiatives that strengthen unions’ critical role in workplace health and safety,” said Minister for Workplace Safety and Industrial Relations, Rachel Stephen-Smith.

Minister Stephen-Smith said the government is committed to continually improve and ensure the highest possible standards of workplace health and safety in the ACT.

“Workers should be given the highest level of protection against harm to their health, safety, and welfare from hazards and risks arising from work.

“The amendments go above and beyond what is provided for in the national harmonised WHS laws to raise the standard of communication and consultation on health and safety in the construction industry.

“The new legislation was developed following a review into the ACT construction industry’s work health and safety culture, conducted by the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) in 2017, which suggested that health and safety culture could be improved with more meaningful consultation with workers on workplace safety.

“Empowering workers and their representatives to have a stronger say on workplace health and safety issues and providing more training to health and safety representatives and committees will help drive improvements in the culture of safety on ACT construction sites.”

The new legislation will be debated in the months to come and is expected to come into force on 1 January 2019.

One thought on “New work health and safety legislation introduced in the ACT

  1. A telling statement from the ACT Government – “….The ACT Government knows that a workplace where workers are supported by union representatives is a safer workplace….”

    Perhaps the various state and federal legislators’ push to limit union representation in Australian workplaces has had a broader influence than those entities realise/are, in most cases, thanks to ideology, willing to admit.

    It would be interesting to see the statistical analysis of the relationship between workplace deaths/serious injuries and industry sector/worksite union representation.

    Null Hypotheses

    “There is non difference in workplace deaths/serious injuries in workplaces with no union representation and workplaces with union representation.”

    Food for thought

    Is the decline/total lack of union representation one of the other reasons, besides behavioural complacency, for the plateauing of workplace OHS improvement/s?

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