New social media campaign focuses on powerline safety


Photo: Foundry, Pixabay

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland released a new social media campaign to raise awareness of powerline safety at work and home.

Homeowners and workers are reminded that powerlines can be lethal.

According to Queensland’s safety regulator, there were 65 serious electrical incidents involving contact with overhead powerlines in Queensland between 2010 and 2017, with 9 of them being fatal.

#RespectThePower aims to remind that touching powerlines or straying into exclusion zones could injure or kill people. The exclusion zone around most powerlines is three metres, which is the minimum safe distance for workers and any equipment they are using. High voltage powerlines between 132kV and 330kV have a minimum exclusion zone of six metres, and over 330kV is eight metres.

Those who have to work near powerlines are encouraged to develop a safe system of work before commencing; keep workers and contractors informed about electrical safety, and to stay outside exclusion zones.

“You don’t even have to make direct contact with a powerline for it to kill you. Electricity can arc from powerlines to you and your tools. The impact can be instant and lethal. To protect yourself, locate powerlines before you begin work, stay at least three metres away from them and always carry your ladder horizontally, never vertically,” Workplace Health and Safety Queensland said in a safety bulletin.

The films can be viewed here.

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