Firm fined after billboard worker shocked


Photo: Mdesigns, Pixabay

A Queensland advertising company has been fined $250,000 after a worker received an electric shock at Balberra in July 2016.

The company was found guilty of breaching the Electrical Safety Act 2002 and was fined in the Mackay Magistrates Court. The defendant has appealed the decision.

The man was changing the skin of an advertising sign when he received an electric shock from a 33kV overhead powerline.

The top corner of the sign was 2.6m from the powerline and the aluminium sail track being used to carry out the work, and which contacted the powerline, was 3m long.

Acting Magistrate Ron Muirhead said no effort had been made to contact Ergon Energy to request the powerline be moved or raised. The magistrate further noted that the cost of eliminating the risk was relatively minor, especially in proportion to the risk involved.

In sentencing, the magistrate considered that the defendant had no previous convictions and had cooperated with the investigation. He said the defendant had also assisted the injured worker in relation to medical treatment.

The company was ordered to pay costs of $7,475.38. No conviction was recorded.

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