Cutting Red Tape for Builders who Work Across Borders

NSW WorkCover logoWorkers and employers in the construction industries in both NSW and Victoria welcome a new program that is designed to get rid of any seeming issues with red tape that exists for those that operate in both states.

WorkCover NSW and WorkSafe Victoria are collaborating to rollout the program starting this month.

Inspectors from both organisations will describe the similarities between the NSW and Victorian work health and safety regulations, talk about the perceived barriers to operating across the state borders and make sure that people understand how to be compliant.

One of the most common issues has been that WorkCover NSW did not accept the competency certificate for training that was completed in Victoria howver this has been remedied and the same induction cards are accepted in NSW and Victoria.

John Watson, the NSW WorkCover health and safety division general manager, said that it was common for building companies to work across borders which has led to the confusion regarding the difference in the state laws.