Conveyor Belt Maintenance Worker Fatally Injured

A 21-year-old worker died after being trapped in a conveyor belt around 7.10pm on Tuesday at a quarry in South Moranbah, southwest of Mackay.

Ambulance crews were alerted to the incident just after 7pm but the worker was already dead by the time they have arrived.

A spokesman from the Department of Natural Resources and Mines, said that Queensland Government mine inspectors are investigating the incident.

“Two senior mine inspectors and a departmental investigator and Moranbah police began a thorough investigation into the incident when they were on scene today (yesterday),” said the spokesman.

“Their investigation report will be provided to the Coroner, who will determine the nature and cause of death.”

The Daily Mercury reports that the victim’s employer was saddened by the death of one of its employees.

“Following the incident, operations ceased immediately and the relevant authorities were contacted,” an officer from the quarry said.

“We are assisting the police and other authorities in every way we can.

“Counselling support is being provided to staff at the Moranbah site.

“We offer our sincere condolences to the family, friends and workmates during this difficult time.

“Operations at the site will remain closed until we are advised by the relevant authorities.”

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