ACT Government to provide better return to work services and workers’ compensation

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The ACT Government will provide improved health services and return to work support for injured workers as part of its 2017-18 Budget.

“The ACT Government wants to be an employer of choice in Canberra. During the election, we made a number of commitments to support our workforce and this announcement will further strengthen the support we provide to the tens of thousands of ACT Government employees who are making a contribution to the community through their work,” said ACT industrial relations minister Rachel Stephen-Smith.

The 2017-18 Budget includes $1.4 million over four years for a return to work and retraining initiative. With these, a comprehensive suite of measures will be created including ‘pre-illness’ workplace interventions to facilitate early resolution of issues; additional training and resources for managers to assist them in supporting workers to remain at work and to facilitate a return to work for injured workers; additional funding for workplaces to enable them to more readily support injured workers; and a pilot to facilitate more streamlined redeployment of ACT public sector (ACTPS) staff who are unable to return to their pre-injury role but can work in another capacity.

In February 2015, the ACT Government announced its intention to shift away from Comcare and design a new scheme for ACTPS employees.

“Feedback from the consultation clearly showed there’s a better path forward in remaining with Comcare while the Government expands its support with new initiatives for injured workers,” said Minister Stephen-Smith.

“Remaining within the Comcare scheme means there will be no change to the type or amount of compensation available to ACT public sector workes who are injured or become ill because of their employment.”

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