WorkSafe roadshow to begin soon

WorkSafe will open its annual roadshow soon with 19 metropolitan and country locations to be visited from May 15 to June 19.

The free 60-minute session will offer information on a wide range of topics including:

  • Latest news and developments in workplace health and safety,
  • Helping injured workers get back to work
  • WorkSafe premium and how it’s calculated,
  • Online employer services including a useful tool for the growing number of business operators who use contractors.

WorkSafe’s Deputy Chair, Ian Forsyth, said that the WorkSafe roadshow had become an important part of the organisation’s community engagement strategy.

“People get information but most importantly, they also have the opportunity to ask questions in an informal setting,” said Mr Forsyth.

“People are often busy in their workplaces or running a business and issues like safety, return to work needs for injured workers and the details of the workplace injury insurance can be put aside to deal with ‘another day.’

“By taking just one hour from a busy schedule to get up-to-date with these matters creates an opportunity that pays dividends.”

This year’s roadshow will be focusing on supervisors’ role and how WorkSafe’s WorkHealth program can help protect people and make the business better.

“While Victoria has Australia lowest injury rate and our employers pay the lowest average premiums, more can, and must, be done to reinforce that position.

“Around 28,000 people, on average, are hurt badly enough at work each year to make workers compensation claim. Last year 24 traumatic work-related deaths were reported and already this year another four deaths have been reported.”

“The impact of this isn’t just on the individual, family, employer and co-workers, but the effect on the business can be profound and long-lasting.”

For more information, please contact Michael Birt on 0411 256 605.


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