Study Conducted by ANU Shows Most Women Working in Remote Areas Most Likely To Suffer Sexual Harassment


Photo by:Nick-D

Australian National University’s Dr. Skye Saunders reported that 93% of women working in rural industries are subject to sexual harassment.

The study conducted by ANU reveals that sexual harassment of women working in mining camps and on remote stations is very alarming. Dr. Saunders said that one female worker in a mine in a remote part of Queensland experienced having her male counterpart urinating in her work boots.

Saunders added that some of these female workers have to suffer hearing the sounds coming from pornographic films with the men watching it on a portable DVD player.

“We’re talking about comments about women’s breasts, unwanted invitations to have sexual intercourse, filthy language that is degrading and derogatory, comments that make women feel unwanted, as though they are intruders in their own workplace.”

Saunders said that these workers most of the time did not have the ways of reporting this.

She also revealed that most of these female workers put up a strong front and bear it, and others decided to join their male counterparts.

Dr. Saunders said that this is a very serious, entrenched issue.

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