Mine Safety Fears with Change to Vehicle Policy

cfmeu_logoThe CFMEU (Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union) has said that it is concerned about a new light vehicle policy being rolled out in 2016 by a large mining company that will not allow ROPS (rollover protection systems) on site.

The company concerned denies that their planned policy will jeopardise the safety of workers as claimed by the CFMEU.

A spokesman for the company has said their research demonstrates that the modern version of a four wheel driver is 80% less likely to roll over than older models and that in fact installing ROPS would reduce the safety of the vehicles because side curtain airbags could not be activated.

These side curtain airbags have been shown to reduce fatal and serious injuries by around 60% the spokesman said.

He said that the company believes that ROPS compromises safety in this instance according to the information that is available from ANCAP (Australasian New Car Assessment Program) zone data and the research that they have personally conducted.

One thought on “Mine Safety Fears with Change to Vehicle Policy

  1. I would like to meet the concerned spokesman for the CFMEU who has concerns about ROPS on light vehicles. I agree with the mining companies that the ROPS as fitted to vehicles is not the answer to preventing injuries from rollovers. The ideal is to eliminate the rollover in the first place by addressing human behaviour. Next option is engineering. As with anything manufactured it should be tested and proven to work. Airbags work. The ROPS fitted to vehicles only prevent the cage itself being damaged as the design of the vehicle (ADN rules) does not extend to an attachment being added. In a rollover (and I have pictures) the bar breaks away. Working in Roma I noticed the ROPS bracing on vehicles is often removed to allow more cargo to be put in the tray. That is far worse than not having the bar in the first place. Happy to debate this issue.

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