Fifty-one Australian workers killed in 2019 so far


Safe Work Australia statistics show 51 Australian workers have been killed at work so far this year.

The Transport Postal and Warehousing industry has recorded the highest number of fatalities, with 19 workplace deaths in 2019.

The Agriculture Forestry and Fishing industry has 13 fatalities while Construction and Public administration and safety have each 7 fatalities.

Three Electricity, gas, water and waste services workers have been killed on the job this year, while the Mining industry has lost two workers.

Preliminary data from Safe Work Australia show 157 Australian workers were killed at work in 2018.

4 thoughts on “Fifty-one Australian workers killed in 2019 so far

  1. Wow 10 workers a month, unacceptable. This is sad news and i feel as though we are going backwards, everyone needs to lift their game.

  2. There should be a zero tolerance
    51 fatalities in the workplace is 51 too many
    Not good enough Australia
    Productivity and Safety work together for best outcome for employer and employee
    Franca Razzino
    Master in Science (WHS)

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