Electrical safety resources for kids released


Photo: qimono, Pixabay

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland has released new electrical safety resources for children.

According to Queensland’s safety regulator, around two in every five Queensland households have children. Electricity can be potentially risky for kids which is why they have published new resources to assist parents and teachers in protecting children from electrical risks.

WHSQ has produced a flyer on child-proofing their homes by having safety switches installed, not overloading power points, only using licensed electricians, and taking a few other simple steps.

There are also resources for teachers to help educate children on the safe use of electricity, including a chatterbox they can cut out and fold themselves. This chatterbox contains simple electrical safety messages. For older children, WHSQ has Playing it safe with your device poster which offers tips for mobile and tablet users on how they can protect themselves and their device.

More information about these materials is available on electricalsafety.qld.gov.au

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