Businesses Warned About Fake High Risk Licences

worksafe-wa-logo-largeWorkSafe WA has released a warning to businesses and workers about fake high risk licences that have been circulating. Two workers in Karratha were alerted to the fact that their permits were fake when they attempted to upgrade them and fake licences have also surfaced in NSW.

Western Australia’s Worksafe Commissioner Lex McCulloch said that workers need the right permits to be able to legally operate dangerous machinery.

High risk licences are needed by any worker that works in a job that is considered high risk like scaffolding or with a crane.

Federal police say they are investigating the fake licences and that they think there are more that are in circulation but they do not yet know who is behind their issuance.

Mr McCulloch said that employers can be misled and hire workers that do not know that their licences are fake and who haven’t received the right training.

He said that employers and workers need to verify their licences.

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