Builder Renovations Expose Family to Asbestos

worksafe actA couple and their two young children aged 5 and 3 have had to leave their home because of the way the builder renovating their home allegedly mishandled asbestos materials.

WorkSafe ACT will be referring the builder involved to the Director of Public Prosecutions because workers have put the family at risk for illnesses related to asbestos.

The family left their house last month for more than three weeks after builders cut through asbestos sheeting in their bathroom with angle grinders, the entire house was contaminated.

The couple said that a neighbour approached them and said that they thought asbestos was being removed from and placed in front of their house.

They spoke to the builder who denied there were asbestos products so WorkSafe was called. They tested the sheets and confirmed that they were very dangerous.

The couple with their two children had been living in the house whilst renovations were conducted and toxic substances constantly had to be removed from the kitchen and living areas.

All of the members of the family will need to undergo annual tests for asbestos related illnesses.

Mark McCabe, the WorkSafe ACT Commissioner, said that three prohibition notices, two improvement notices and two infringements had been issued to the company.

He said that if anyone is concerned about work being done in their home they should contact either ACT Planning and Land Authority or WorkSafe and they will investigate.

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