Body worn cameras for police officers to be rolled out in South Australia


Body-worn cameras will soon be rolled out for frontline police in South Australia. It is expected that every officer will be equipped with the technology within three years.

The State Government has invested $5.9 million in introducing the cameras which will improve public confidence in the police, improve officer safety and deliver faster and more accurate justice outcomes.

“The State Government has invested significantly in our police, as we work toward building the largest and most technologically advanced force in the State’s history,” said Police Minister Peter Malinauskas.

Some of the benefits of these cameras include improved quality of evidence, resulting in a reduction in ‘not guilty’ pleas, and reduced time and cost for legal and court proceedings; a reduction in the need for police officers; improved public confidence in police and a reduction in complaints against officers; the opportunity to review and improve officer and police conduct and practices.

The South Australian Government is also rolling out rugged tablets and facial recognition technology. These tools will reduce the time officers spend behind desks as well as increase the agility and responsiveness of police operations.

“The $5.9 million invested in body worn cameras sits alongside the $7.4 million invested in rugged tablets and $780,000 invested in facial recognition technology. These tools enable to deliver faster and more accurate outcomes than ever before, from the frontline rather than behind a desk,” said Police Minister Malinauskas.

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