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Photo: SafetyCulture Library

Ensuring effective rescue efforts in work accidents is important and a new smart phone technology is pioneering the development of a life saving rescue technology.

SignOnSite team has been awarded a $50,000 Innovation Connect grant by the ACT Government Economic Development Directorate to further improve a site safety app they have created and to develop a new one.

Tracking missing workers on site during an evacuation will be a new feature their current app will offer.

“With this new feature of the app, construction workers will be able to specify exactly where they are on site and the app can potentially live-track their movements in these high-risk environments once an evacuation is started,” said Alexandria Garlan, a construction management student.

Another student, Mitchell Harmer said the app could save lives.

“For example, rather than a fire fighter searching an entire burning building to try and find a missing person, the app can show them that the person was last recorded being in a specific room, so they might be able to reach them quicker,” said Mr Harmer.

“If there is an emergency, this technology will potentially increase the chance of survival for both an employee lost on site or the emergency services workers trying to find them.”

Another app called Lone Worker is also being developed. This app will allow a worker working solo to inform their employer their situation with just a click of a button, such as while they are without reception in a basement or elevator shaft tanks.

The team is consulting with ACT Emergency Services and the construction industry for their apps.

The funding adds to the $35,000 the students’ were awarded in 2013 at the Innovation ACT awards to develop the app and a further $10,000 grant from St George bank they won this month to support their business.

The group is seeking industry consultation on their apps. More information can be found on the SignOnSite website.

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