Workers subject to hot outdoor conditions still at risk in an indoor environment, reminds Safe Work Australia


Hospitality workers in kitchens, factory workers and construction workers working in confined spaces and their managers and supervisors are reminded to manage risks to health and safety.

“People in control of the workplace, such as managers and supervisors, and workers all have duties under work health and safety laws to manage risks to worker health and safety, such as those associated with working in heat,” reminds Safe Work Australia.

The health and safety regulator produced a guide for managing the risks of working in heat to help in ensuring the safety of workers when working in heat.

The guide provides information on managing risks associated with working in heat and what to do if a worker begins to suffer from a heat-related illness. The guide will help managers and supervisors, as well as workers who have duties under work health and safety laws to manage risks.

More information is available on Safe Work Australia’s website.

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