Empower young workers to make safety a priority, says Safe Work Australia


Photo: Pixabay

Safe Work Australia encourages everyone to participate in the celebration of the World Day for Safety Health at Work and Worker’s Memorial Day, which is a day for promoting safety and health in the workplace and to honour people who have died from work-related injury or illness.

“This year we encourage you to promote Generation Safe and Healthy, focusing on the workplace health and safety of young workers and future generations,” Safe Work Australia said in a statement.

Due to lack of experience, maturity, and awareness of workplace health and safety responsibilities, young workers face an increased risk of workplace injury. To help create a safe and healthy environment, Safe Work Australia encourages employers, supervisors and other leaders to provide the right tools and training and to empower young workers to have the confidence to speak up about health and safety in the workplace.

More information about this event is available on the World Day page.

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