Cancer in Firefighters May Be Work Related


Wikimedia Commons, U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Seaman Barry Riley

In recent years, studies have shown that firefighters may exhibit a higher risk of contracting cancer, due to continual exposure to carcinogens in their workplace. Due to this fact, firefighters in Western Australia are welcoming the implementation of new legislature that allows for easier compensation if they suffer certain types of the disease.

Under current law in Western Australia, firefighters must prove a valid connection of their illness to their work duties before they can receive compensation.

Seemingly in an effort to acknowledge studies that have been performed to assess the dangers and repercussions of a dangerous work-environment, parliament has considered progress in the area of work-related injury compensation.

A bill introduced to Parliament in the summer of 2013 recognises 12 types of cancer to be accepted as work related for firefighters. Its goal is to make the process of receiving compensation for site related injuries more direct and less complex.

If a worker contracts cancer outside the 12 confirmed types related to carcinogens present in a firefighting environment, the duty to prove a connection between the illness will be their own.


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