ATSB investigates Qantas flight incident in which 15 people were injured

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The Australian Transport Safety Bureau is currently investigating a Qantas flight incident in which 15 people were injured.

According to ABC, the flight was bound for Hong Kong from Melbourne days ago when the pilots detected airframe buffeting about 100 kilometres from their destination. Air buffeting is a strong vibration usually associated with separated airflow.

An alert known as “stick shaker” happened, where controls vibrate as a warning to pilots that they need to do something or the plane will stall.

The crew decided to turn off auto-pilot to regain control of the plane, a Boeing 747, and landed safely in Hong Kong.

Fifteen passengers were treated for minor injuries.

Qantas confirmed the incident to The Australian and are conducting their own investigation.

“Customers on QF29 experienced unexpected in-flight turbulence when travelling from Melbourne to Hong Kong on Sunday,” said A Qantas spokesperson.

“We notified the ATSB of the occurrence, and our own teams are also reviewing the event.”

ATSB will release a report of the incident in August.

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