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There is no doubt that employee training is essential, especially when it comes to health and safety in the workplace. Training assists organisations in creating safe work environments by identifying hazards and measures to control the hazards that pose a risk to the health and safety of workers.

Failing to manage workplace hazards can result in injury, illness or death. According to Worksafe New Zealand, 17 workers have lost their lives in work-related incidents as of 1 April this year, which is why creating a safe work environment for your workers is essential.

Workplace Fatalities New Zealand

Workplace Fatalities New Zealand.  Sourced through WorkSafe New Zealand

Recognising the need to improve the poor workplace health and safety record of New Zealand, the New Zealand Government released the 2015 Health & Safety At Work Act in 2016 to assist businesses in managing health and safety.

Under the 2015 Health & Safety At Work Act, businesses have a duty to engage workers and facilitate ongoing employee participation in health and safety issues.  

To assist New Zealand businesses in engaging workers in health and safety issues and managing workplace risks, we have developed a library of Safe Work Method Templates built off the existing framework used for our Australian Safe Work Method Statement Templates, which have been used by Australian customers for over the past 4 years.

Increase workplace safety and ensure your staff get the job done safely. A Safe Work Method template is ideal for ensuring your workers are aware of:

  • possible safety and environmental hazards associated with specific work tasks
  • how to minimise the risks using appropriate control measures
The Risk Management Process

The Risk Management Process – Source: WorkSafe New Zealand


SafetyCulture Safe Work Method Templates for New Zealand businesses are available for purchase for $34.95

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