WorkCover Queensland releases more industry sites

workcover_queensland_logo (2)Staying up to date with what’s happening to your industry while learning injury prevention and management strategies is important. Taking that on board, WorkCover Queensland created the industry sites to provide employers with relevant information on compensation and injury management, as well as industry specific news, events and resources.

Industry sites now available are Agriculture; Construction; Education; Manufacturing; Mining; Health and Community Care; Tourism; and Transport with more to come throughout the year.

WorkCover Queensland’s Communications Advisor, Sarah McAtamney, said they have been working on the idea of the sites from about February 2012. The first site was launched in late May and three more sites were introduced in the two months that followed.

“The idea came about because of the need to get relevant information to an industry,” Ms McAtamney told SafetyCulture. “Different industries have different needs – the industry sites allow us to give specific industry relevant articles and information to our customers without them having to go looking through our website for this.”

“There was also a need for us to integrate our tools and communication. The website is our base of information, however the sites link what’s relevant from the website for that particular industry. These articles are then available in the online services as an RSS linking back to the relevant microsite. People can subscribe to the RSS feed, which means they’ll always know when new content has been added to their industry site.”

She said they want to highlight that work is beneficial for people’s health and wellbeing, and when incorporated into an injured worker’s rehabilitation process, can result to a prompt and sustainable return to work.

“Preventing workplace injuries is fundamental, however, if someone is injured, it’s important to aim for a stay at, or prompt return to work outcome,” she said.

“We also recognise each industry has its own challenges and needs, so the sites are a platform where our customers can access information, tools and resources to help them achieve positive injury management outcomes for injured workers, as well as access general news and events specific to their industry.

“We hope that our employer and provider customers will go to the page, sign up to the RSS so they know when new articles are added. We’re working towards becoming paperless and are working more online, and we’re encouraging our customers to use our online services, which are free, quick and easy to use,” she said.

Those who want to have their event or industry-specific information published on the sites are encouraged to contact their WorkCover Queensland relationship manager or email

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